This is really something you should try if you are into turn-based games. Even if you’re not a football fan, like me.

The art is gorgeous! The Steam page is here and it’ll be OUT in two days (September 18th)

In Football Drama, you’re Rocco Galliano, the existentially troubled manager of a struggling football team. Train players, survive the drama, choose your own narrative, and play turn-based football matches via tactical cards and hard choices. If you avoid the axe you could win the championship, understand what is football, retire at the French Riviera, end up in jail, or who knows what else!

Some features

An interactive narrative with meaningful and game-changing choices
– Karma or chaos: life choices, managing choices
Turn-based match play with live-action animations
– 18 dramatic weeks of the generated championship where you can be fired at any time
– Deck-building mechanics determined by life choices and game results
Ridiculous cards about the craziest aspects of today’s football
– Complete illustrated log of each of your matches
A silly main commentator with his obligatory colourful sidekick
– Replayable – every championship is unique, several different endings
– Nicely designed user interface by Pino Panzarella
– Stunning illustrated cards and characters by Daniele Giardini “Demigiant”
– Share your wins with friends and enemies