Today’s interview is with the developer of the SHMUP HyperParasite, Troglobytes!

Hi! Tell us a bit about Troglobytes and yourself, how did you get into game development?
Troglobytes was founded in 2015 by a bunch of people with a passion for videogames that traces back to a childhood spent in arcades back in the 80s. There are a couple veterans in the team with 20+ years experience in the gamedev field as well as young talents.

The core team is made of 5 members, but we have some more artists and professionals orbiting around from project to project.

We’ve been working as service/outsourcing providers for years, creating graphics and code for other people’s projects, so we have quite a few published titles under our belt. Then in 2015 we decided to start our indie company to work on our own projects.

HyperParasite is your next rogue-lite SHMUP adventure 10

What is the most challenging problem youโ€™ve had to solve while building a game?
We learned the hard way that making a game is one thing, publishing it is a whole different story, especially nowadays.
Talking about technical aspects of the development process, the biggest challenge was probably porting the game on different platforms, although we use commercial engines like Unreal Engine 4 and Unity and both take care of the heavy lifting when it comes to multi-platform development.

And what is the most rewarding part?
Without a doubt, the most rewarding part is when you get to watch a lot of people play your game at events and they have fun with it. It repays of all the countless hours spent working on the project, squashing bugs, fixing things, etc.

What is your favourite game (or genre)/most inspirational game?
We always try to pay homage to old action/arcade games we loved to play as kids. We don’t have a specific favourite game, we like to get our hands dirty with different genres, mechanics and gameplay styles.

For example, for our current project, HyperParasite, we were inspired by old classics like Super Smash TV as well as modern hits like Enter the Gungeon, Dead Cells and similar titles.
We tried to create a mix that would entice both retro and modern gamers.

HyperParasite is still in Early Access even if it has a great level of polishings. How long it will take to exit the EA?
The game is reaching its final development steps, we’re mostly taking care of fixing bugs and fine-tuning stats/values.
We’re aiming for a multi-platform release in Q1 2020 (Steam, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and XB1).

HyperParasite is your next rogue-lite SHMUP adventure 5

What’s the best and the worst in making HyperParasite?
The best: we had a lot of fun working on a fresh twist in the rogue-lite genre. The body swapping mechanic is not somerhing you usually see in such games.
The worst: at the same time, that body swapping mechanic has been a pain to fine-tune, because every character on screen can be both an enemy OR a host body to snatch, so we had to carefully design and test all classes abilities/attacks to make them fun/useful for both the player and the AI.

What about Tenebrae?
Tenebrae was our first project as a team. Unfortunately, it did not make it past its prototype phase, but it served as a base for everything we are and know today.

HyperParasite is your next rogue-lite SHMUP adventure 6

What’s your plan for the future (near future ๐Ÿ™‚ )?
We’re currently finishing the console porting of HyperParasite while we keep updating its Early Access version on Steam. This is our current focus.

At the same time, we already started working on the design of a new (unnamed) project.
We’re sharing a few sneak peeks on our Discord server, so everyone is invited to join us at !