KUNAI is a warrior fighting to save humanity from an impending overwrite by a new mechanical age (what a twist!).

Developed by TurtleBlaze, is out now on Steam and Nintento Switch

The release trailer!

What’s KUNAI?

Decking players out in minutes with a killer sword, dual grappling hook-esque short blades, and the most emotive operating system ever created, KUNAI keeps exploration snappy, fluid and entertaining.

KUNAI’s journey pits players against the subservient AI hordes commanded by Lemonkus. Once a spirited, well-meaning inventor, Lemonkus’ aspirations for bettering the world have devolved into a ceaseless march for efficiency regardless of consequences. Players stand as the final chance for reverting humankind’s imminent demise before Lemonkus’ ultimate vision is made a reality.