• No-tutorial or help, you need to learn by playing
  • Really great atmosphere of claustrophobia
  • Lots of 'suprise'


  • no-tutorial or help, you need to learn by playing :)

The bite-sized review is the way I would like to treat reviews here at justindie.net. I want to avoid unreadable wall-of-text, just a brief description of the game and the emotions it arouses.

One of the things I love more of games in general (so videogames and boardgames) is reading the book fo rules, the “learning” part of the games, that is why I was so hyped about Nauticrawl. It promises to deliver lots of fun experimenting with all the knobs, buttons, monitors that are part of the machine we should learn to use to ‘escape’ from… something (don’t want to spoiler here).

My first blind run (done on Twitch) confirmed the expectations. You’ll die in Nauticrawl, and you will die soon and often trying to understand how to handle the ‘machine’ without any external help (with external I’m referring to tutorials or in-game help).

This game is all about experimentation. As soon as you figure out how the thing works, it surprises you with something more and different (remember, no spoiler). I was REALLY surprised yesterday, in a very good way.

Nauticrawl will be released September the 16th 2

So if you like playing with stuff, knobs, monitors, buttons, levers and pulls, if you like to learn by playing, if you like awesome videogames, don’t hesitate and go to download it right now