This one goes directly in the HYPE category. It really clicks with me.


A stolen, enigmatic machine is your only way out. Though this Nauticrawl is likely to kill you, so will the planet you’re escaping if you don’t figure out how this thing works. With the right amount of experimentation your escape plan just might succeed.

Pull levers, redirect power, hack devices, uncover communications, try anything and everything. Puzzle out how to pilot the Nauticrawl to freedom in this unusual atmospheric adventure… or die trying.

Levers, buttons, screens… I love it!


  • Mysterious Devices – Explore and unlock puzzling and powerful contraptions in your quest to escape the planet.
  • Ingenuity is Rewarded – Theorize, experiment, repeat. Every attempt will bring you closer to mastering the Nauticrawl. Some experiments, however, might be lethal.
  • Can you Prevail? – Hack devices, talk with natives, intercept secret communiques. Chart a course to freedom through dangerous machinery where none have survived before.
  • Your Own Unique Experience – No escape experience will be the same, though the skills you learn in the Nauticrawl will carry with you into your next run. Master the machine, master the game.

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