I’ve stumbled upon this little gem, Savior, yesterday on Twitter, from the video and the GIFs I’ve seen it seems to be a really promising 2D metroidvania with an awesome pixel-art and with astonishing animated characters.

About it

Savior is an open world 2D action adventure presented in a clean pixel-art style with fluid parkour and combat. We hope to evoke the great games we grew up with, while introducing new combinations of time-tested game-play mechanics and novel story themes.

While you’ll need to gain wealth, power and allies; the central task of Savior is to rebuild the societies and world around you. In each area, you’ll find a ravaged community, broken infrastructure, oppressive superstition, poverty and chronic disease. After investigating the problems and enacting solutions, your efforts will be paid off in substantive rewards as well as the visible transformation of the world. We’re building in sweeping, persistent visual changes to reinforce the idea that the player can, and does, change the world with their actions.

The gameplay will satisfy core fans of the genre, meeting expectations with tried-and-true mechanics while adding twists and innovations to your interactions with the world and its people. The story and the underlying message of the game, though; these will (we think) be new to the genre. We hope to avoid story tropes and aim to broach larger questions of belief and knowledge.

Some notes on the game design from the developers:

Savior aims to stand on the shoulders of the great 2D games of the 90s. We look to refine and recombine the game mechanics we loved growing up. We want to capture the fluid, realistic movement and combat of games like Prince of Persia or Flashback, but with the instant responsiveness of modern 2D platformers.

  • Making 2D platforming fun and easy with ledge-grab snapping. 
  • Keeping movement fresh by adding context-dependent parkour.

Collect Powerful Gear

We love the item economy of games like Zelda: A Link to the Past. We want each item you collect to make a powerful contribution to game-play. Many items will have multi-purpose uses. The Thunder Glove will let you zap foes, power equipment and start fires.

Fast, Realistic Combat

Our combat is inspired by games like Punchout and the Arkham series. Reading an enemies tells and vulnerable windows will be key to victory. Most foes will be defeated in a strike or two. But challenging combatants will be easy to find, and ready to trade strikes and parries.

We’re fans of Inventive combat. Wear out your opponent with dodges or a chase. Impress them with fancy staff spins or dance moves. Or just dump a bucket of water on them.

Use Your Words

Dialogue in Savior is powerful. It will employ a simple, branching system. The player will choose a basic response type. Then Sam will deliver dialogue that reflects that choice. Adding an element of surprise and facilitating conversation without a prohibitive amount of text. While some of the dialogue will be voiced, mostly simple words or vocalizations will capture the intent of a response

Change The World

As the player moves through the world, interacting with the people and the environment, the world will change. People’s opinions will change as they witness the player’s actions. The mood of the inhabitants of the world will change and their reaction to the player will change.

Quests will involve replanting a ravaged countryside, repairing damaged infrastructure, refilling a lake with water, determining a cure from ingredients using lab work etc. Completing these quests will permanently change the game world

Follow it on Twitter: https://twitter.com/WestonPDX