I really don’t know where to start talking about Snowtopia. Let’s say that I’m (better say I was) an avid “tycoon” player since Railroad Tycoon from the grand-master Syd Meier (played on my Amiga 500). I’ve played and tested lots of tycoon games, one of my favourite was the Rollercoaster Tycoon series created by Chris Sawyer, because of my passion for Rollercoaster and theme park in general.

Another of my fave was Ski Resort Tycoon published by Activision.

Since then I waited for a new chapter of that game… and now my dream come true thanks to Tea for two, a team of two based in Ivry-sur-Seine (France) that came up with the idea of Snowtopia, a Ski Resort managament game where the player should build runs and lifts and make the visitors happy

The game and his features

Design the perfect ski resort

Build ski runs and lifts, improve the resort and manage the workforce to attract ski lovers of all kind. Will you create a charming village or a concrete blocks? That’s up to you!

Satisfy challenging visitors

The success of your station relies on the well-being of visitors. Choose wisely the ones you want to attract and keep them happy!

Enjoy the surrounding mountains

Surrounded by stunning landscapes, take a break and enjoy the view. Snowtopia is a feelgood game that immerses you in a wintry and cheerful spirit.

There’s an open alpha on ichi.io, to test it follow this link: https://teafortwogames.itch.io/snowtopia