OTHER: Her Loving Embrace is an RPG in Pixel-art with a unique battle system that blends the classic turn-based combat with some platform actions.

In a few words, as soon as our party will approach an enemy the classic RPG screen will open with the usual options like fight, items, skills…
Choosing to fight will not show us the automatic resolutions of the battle but we’ll take controls of the player and, depending on the turn, we will need to fight the enemy or defend from him (avoiding the attacks).

I’ve tried the demo that you can find here: https://pringle.itch.io/other-demo. Despite the game planned release date is set to 2022 the demo works pretty well (characters movements are not so flawless). My main concern is right on the peculiar battle system, my fear is that it could became tedious in the long term.

The game is right now on Kickstarter if you fancy to backer it 😉