The Kickstarter is here!

It’s been a month since I started playing the Alpha Version of Ork Manager (you can find it here, a sort of Hattrick set in a fantastic Edwardian Britain.

Ork Manager: Coal & Top hats is an online management game about arenas, broken bones and politics. You, a noble Brawler Master, will manage your team(s) of gentlemonsters for the weekly Brawl. The winner takes all, while for the loser there’re only bandages and broken bones.

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The Brawl is the core of the game, around which revolves the political side of the game: by climbing the ranks you get more supporters, which you can convert into brawlers, squatters and miners.

While we will employ brawlers in your team, squatters will be your force throughout the city (and, in time, throughout every portion of land, from smaller to bigger) to conquest arenas and get to the higher ranks of society.

Meanwhile, miners will extract from the local mines several resources, which can be used to design and create new weapons and armours, or can be traded for gold at the fungible market.

Auto Draft 18

In the alpha version, only the core part of the game, the brawl, is entirely playable.

If this sound cool to you just take a look at the game’s Kickstarter page and be a backer!