Chinatown Detective Agency is live on Kickstarter now 2

Chinatown Detective Agency is inspired by the classic Carmen Sandiego games and the likes of L.A. Noire, Black Mirror and Blade Runner. Blending management mechanics into a classic point and click detective adventure formula, you’ll have to do real-world research to crack the toughest cases, while picking your cases carefully and keeping an eye on your bank balance.

There’s a free EARLY ALPHA (so, lots of bugs) that you can download. I’ll give it a try on my Twitch and Mixer channel (Follow!)
Kickstarter page:


  • Unravel a global conspiracy: Travel the globe from your base in Singapore in search of leads, and talk with dozens of uniquely voiced characters each with their own mysterious agendas.
  • Build your case with real investigation: Leads and clues are the lifeblood of the detective, but uncovering part of the truth isn’t always enough. In Chinatown Detective Agency each piece of evidence affects the outcome of your cases for better or worse, and many puzzles require real investigation through internet research, code breaking and more.
  • Work smart: In Chinatown Detective Agency, time is a precious resource. The daily grind of the working Joe is a one-way ticket to fatigue, and tasks have a funny way of taking longer as you tire. Time is money, and the clock is always ticking. It’s up to you to make good use of the time you have and to keep your agency, and yourself, alive.
  • Assemble a team: You’re new to the PI game, but over time you’re bound to make contacts, build a network, maybe even hire some staff members. Alongside investigating cases and solving mysteries you’ll need to keep your business running and your staff happy.
  • Lose yourself in the future: Neon lamp-light reflected in pools of rainwater. Anti-government graffiti daubed across aging subways. Explore 30 stunningly rendered locations by artist Ricardo Juchem and immerse yourself in the chaotic future of 2032.