Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles is set on the beautiful, vibrant island of Gemea. A lush frontier with eight distinct environments ranging from sunny and tropical beaches to frigid, snow-capped summits. Each location has its own flora and fauna, along with changing seasons and a day-night cycle. But Gemea is not as perfect as it seems. The mysterious Murk has enshrouded the land and its people are in despair.

Key Features

  • PlayStation 5 enhancements including:
    • DualSense wireless controller haptic feedback.
    • DualSense wireless controller speaker support.
    • 4K resolution and 60 frames per second.
    • Additional player character accessories.
  • A vibrant open world full of things to discover and places to explore.
  • Set your own pace; trail-blaze across the world or settle down for a spot of quiet fishing and farming.
  • Extensive character customization.
  • Master professions like carpenter, chef, tailor and more to help the residents of Gemea.
  • Craft and trade items to solve puzzles as you banish the Murk from the island.
  • Befriend and adopt endearing creatures.
  • Build and harvest multiple farms across eight diverse biomes, ranging from grasslands to dense forests, tropics, and more.
  • Set in a welcoming world you’ll want to visit over and over again.
  • A mix of hand-tailored and procedurally generated quests.
  • Multiple creative routes to achieve objectives.
  • A dynamic living world. Seasonal changes affect routes, animals migrate. A day-night cycle and evolving weather conditions affect the world.